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At Montrose, those who know how to lead best are those who know how to serve best.  Our students understand that leading is not about furthering their own success but about working for the well being of others.

Discover why girls thrive at Montrose School where opportunities for leadership abound.  75% of our clubs and activities have been initiated by students in both our Middle and Upper School.  We encourage leadership in all areas of student life: service, athletics, fine and performing arts, and our activities and clubs
The sense of community and support we receive at Montrose gives us the strong foundation on which to venture out into the world and pursue our dreams. Montrose nurtures the desire in each of us to have a positive impact on the world around us, and gives us the tools with which to do it.

I've watched this manifest itself in my classmates' choices of activity as well as my own. This past summer, I completed my third summer of flying lessons and am looking to get my full pilot's license in the next two summers.  
Kylie Cameron-Burr '08, Hamilton College '12
Student Life News
Professionals in the Classroom
Successful leaders from Google, Harvard, the U.S. Military and other arenas speak at Montrose.

Science Fair Impresses Judges
College professors attend, praise experiments and presentations by 6th grade students.

A Witty Look at the Classics
The upper school play merges Greek theater with laugh-out-loud humor in a modern take.

Sailing the Ocean Blue
Middle School Players present a rousing version of Gilbert & Sullivan classic H.M.S. Pinafore.

Getting From Here to There
Successful Montrose alumnae share advice with students and young alumnae in professional forum.

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