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How to Overcome Adversity

Sarah Lepsevich ‘17 and Gabby Landry ‘18 each delivered a TEDx talk on the theme of Overcoming Adversity at the TEDx conference at Burlington High School.

Sarah is an experienced public speaker from her work with brain injury groups such as the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts and Think Taylor. She delivered a powerful talk on Beyond the Unseen: Seasons of Change. In her talk, Sarah shared important lessons she learned during her process of rehabilitation and recovery from her concussion, weaving the seasons of the year throughout her description of the stages of injury and recovery. "I actually never get nervous public speaking, because I had to re-learn how to walk and talk again. If I can learn to walk again, then giving a speech is not that difficult!" she told The Looking Glass

Watch Sarah's TEDx talk here.

Gabby spoke about her personal journey from a fixed to a growth mindset and from negativity to positivity, in a talk called The Power of Perspective. "All of these things–growth mindset, positivity–fall under the idea of perspective, how you view your world," Gabby said. In her talk, she cited the stories of three others who had inspired her as they overcame adversity: Viktor Frankl, Holocaust survivor and author of Man’s Search for Meaning, Marni Olsen from the movie You Again, and Dorothy Height, a Civil Rights Movement leader and author of the memoir Open Wide the Freedom Gates.

Since delivering her TEDx talk, Gabby has begun a blog in which she discusses the importance of a growth mindest in her life. Click here to read Gabby's blog.

Watch Gabby's TEDx talk here.

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