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The LCI Speaker Series presents:

Navigating the New Normal with Peace and Perspective
Karen E. Bohlin
Head of Montrose School, author & educator

Friday, April 3, 2020
1:00 PM

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Sponsored by the Elizabeth Schickel Foundation

Mavericks Connect Online

March 17 letter to parents: Introduction to Mavericks Connect online learning


By Karen E. Bohlin, EdD, Head of School

Feeling on edge? A little strung out? Wondering daily—as my family, colleagues, students and friends are -- “When is this going to end? How long will it be? I just want to know!”

This week, we watched thousands of teachers around the country reinvent school, moving it online in record time -- these agile, creative dedicated educators are heroes!

Now, how do we help the students who are also being tested by these changes? 

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Alison Beard P '23, '25

I am so grateful to Montrose for coming up with an innovative, progressive solution to allow the girls to continue moving forward in school!

Maevis Fahey '21

"I'm so grateful to go to a school like Montrose during a time like this. We all know we're in good hands -- our teachers have been so supportive to all of us. Plus, the sisterhood among students is definitely going to keep us all connected and cheerful.

We've all realized that this whole experience will only bring us closer together as a school community in the end."

Worried about Coronavirus? Reflect with Reason & Faith

Faith Editor Bezawit O'Neill '23 writes in The Looking Glass

The contagious nature of the coronavirus is causing widespread anxiety, and this psychological effect is important to recognize and reflect on. The key to responding to the emotional challenges elicited by the spread of the virus is to reflect and assess before responding, and the way to reflect and assess involves using both our reason and our faith. 

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