Discover the greatness of ordinary life

What are some of the practical ways we integrate faith and work at Montrose?
  • Engage the world, every academic discipline, and professional field with ambition
  • Work with excellence and purpose to bring joy and peace to those around us
  • Respect freedom, freedom of conscience, and individuals of all faith traditions
  • Practice an ethic of service and responsible stewardship, taking care of the classrooms, common areas, campus and natural wetlands
  • Pray before each class to set an intention and offer work to God
  • Practice solidarity with those in need--locally and globally--through prayer and service
  • Know that we are children of God--unique, unrepeatable and called to greatness
  • Encounter the beauty, richness joy and intellectual tradition of the Catholic faith in theology and throughout the liturgical year
  • Experience the power of the Sacraments as Jesus Christ’s footprints on earth
To discover God's presence in our daily lives--to give our personal best and make our work a gift--is at the heart of Montrose School’s Christian identity.