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Welcome to Montrose Podcast, the official podcast of Montrose School . . . where girls are called to greatness. 

Here, young women achieve academic excellence in a rich liberal arts environment by developing enduring habits of mind, heart and character. Join us as we explore topics that highlight the impact of a Montrose education, and how it affects the world around us.

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Celebrating Commencement 2019


Experience highlights from Montrose Commencement 2019, including remarks from keynote speaker Dr. Jehanna Peerzada, Class of 1986, and Valedictorian Caroline Churney, proud member of the graduating class. 

Season One

What Would Siri Say?


Do you talk to Siri? When Barbara Whitlock’s AP Language and Composition class took on NPR’s Podcast Challenge, they tackled this and other questions about themselves. In the process, they created their very own podcast episode, entitled “Firewalls to Connection.” Listen to it here, and then hear takeaways from these Montrose juniors about accepting the Podcast Challenge. Listen now. 


What girls need to lead


From the importance of making mistakes to the benefit of making one small change, Head of School Dr. Karen Bohlin talks about how parents can help give young women the habits of mind, heart and character that they need to lead. Most of all, she encourages parents and educators to “teach like coaches” in calling girls to greatness. Listen now.


Read Dr. Bohlin & Deborah Farmer Kris on What it Means to Build a Life Compass

Learn more about emotional agility from Susan David

friendship and dating


Nationally renowned Boston College Professor Dr. Kerry Cronin, known as the "Dating Professor," visits Montrose to talk with upper school students and parents about the importance of relationships. Join us for a discussion that spans from Aristotle's definition of "love of the good" to modern-day rules for a successful first date. Listen now.

Read about Kerry Cronin in the Wall Street Journal.
Watch the documentary inspired by Dr. Cronin, The Dating Project.

Commencement Reflections


To understand the power of a Montrose education that is steeped in the liberal arts and informed by habits of heart, mind, and character, let’s hear from those who have most recently benefited from it: the Class of 2018. Co-Valedictorians Anneka Ignatius and Elizabeth Ling share their reflections on what it was like to be called to greatness at Montrose. Listen now. 

good habits of mind


What are the habits of mind that can help us learn a new skill, build a new habit, or stop procrastinating? Deborah Farmer Kris, Montrose teacher and LifeCompass Associate Director, sheds light on these topics and more in this episode of Montrose Podcast. Listen now.

Giving that matters


We all want to give in a way that matters. Hear about how your support of the Montrose School Annual Fund contributes to the power of a Montrose education—shaping lives, and our world, for the better. Listen now.


Life after Montrose 2


Alumnae Gabby Landry '18 and Molly Cahill '16 share further reflections on the ways in which their Montrose experience transformed them, and helped them identify what greatness looks like. Listen now.

Life after Montrose 1


To see how transformational a Montrose education is, look no further than our alumnae. Listen in as Grace Schiller '13 and Clara Cahill Farella '16 reflect on their Montrose experiences, and how they helped make them the women they are today. Listen now.

Why math matters


Yes, math matters. . . but did you know it was a language?! Have a listen as we talk with three Montrose math teachers about why math matters, how they teach it and how it impacts their students and our world. Listen now.

Design Thinking strategies


In this first installment, host Mary Cahill Farella addresses Design Thinking as a strategy for student learning, with special guest Dr. Michael Roberto, Trustee Professor of Management at Bryant University and Montrose parent, and faculty member Barbara Whitlock. Listen now.
Montrose Podcast host
Mary Cahill Farella is the host of Montrose Podcast. She is also a Montrose parent (‘16, ‘25). Mary spent over twenty years working for public media outlet WGBH, the Boston PBS affiliate. She now divides her time between professional pursuits, artistic endeavors, and holding down the homefront. Mary and her husband Stéfane live in Framingham, MA with their seven children.