12 Dancing Princesses Delights

The Middle School Musical features impressive singing, dancing, costumes and sets.
The Montrose Middle School Players entertained hundreds with two lively performances of the musical The 12 Dancing Princesses.

The show featured twelve princesses who love to dance, but are forbidden to do so by their father, the king (Anna Proscia ‘23). As their Spirit Mother (Theresa Marcucci ‘23) watches over them, the princesses go through a secret portal and dance each night. The aptly named Prince of Arrogance (Kate Pioch ‘22) attempts to solve the mystery of the princesses’ worn shoes, but only a kind commoner named Matthew (Viviana Niebuhr23) is able to do so.

The princesses (Lucy Bachiochi ‘23, Isabel Oquendo ‘23, Emma Judge ‘22, Tori Morris ‘23, Ava Russo ‘23, Brynn Langan ‘24, Grace Kondracki ‘22, Sophia Corrigan ‘23, Caity Beard ‘23, Marielle Kondracki ‘24, Maria Fasse ‘23 and Mari Kouyoumjian ‘22) danced several beautiful numbers. The king’s shoemaker (Helen Olohan ‘24), herald (Carrie Miklus ‘24) and royal guard (Elyza Tuan ‘23 and Elizabeth Barrett ‘23) added comic relief.

Alexandra Condrin ‘18 provided choreography for the princesses, assisted by Isabella Russo ‘21.

Congratulations to Director Mrs. Holly Sullivan and the entire cast and crew of The 12 Dancing Princesses on two terrific performances.