10 ways Montrose offers more

We're making our list, checking it twice! 
It is tough to cap a list of all the outstanding Montrose assets at 10. But, in true Maverick fashion, we're took up the challenge! Learn why the value of a Montrose education will exceed your expectations -- and those of your daughter.

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And now, drum roll, please:

#1: Character and leadership program equips girls for life. Our nationally recognized LifeCompass Character & Leadership Program provides unique resources for each Montrose student, from her first day on campus through graduation. Our faculty and staff weave elements of this critical personal development into all we do, which prepares our Mavericks to aim for greatness and to inspire greatness in others . . . in college and beyond. Learn more about the Montrose Character & Leadership Program.

#2: Opportunities for growth abound. Even though students work hard, they know there is so much more to school - and to life. Our teachers and mentors encourage every girl to get involved in our vibrant student life - learning to lead and serve. Learn more about student life at Montrose.
#3: Faith and reason align in our joyful mission. Our mission calls us to challenge every student to cultivate faith and reason. Inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirit of Opus Dei, we teach our students that ordinary things can be done extraordinarily well for the love of God. Learn more about faith at Montrose.
#4: Girls engage with superb role models. What's unique about the teachers at Montrose? Our students say it best. Bella '22: "I know my teachers want me to succeed both in academics and in my character." Spandana '22: "The amazing teachers support me in my Montrose endeavors and encourage me not only as a student, but as a person." Learn more about the faculty at Montrose.

#5: 'Critical thinking' is more than just a catch phrase. In every year of our academic program, girls gain deep content knowledge in each discipline of a strong liberal arts curriculum. But what sets Montrose is apart is that we go beyond careful reading, writing and analytical skills. In our signature Senior Capstone class, girls dive into both ancient texts and recent research, as they strive to answer the most essential question: What is the best way to live?
# 6: Small class sizes allow intellectual risk taking. 13. That's the average size of an academic class at Montrose. With our intimate class section sizes, every girl learns to take intellectual risks and develop a confident voice. 

# 7: Reflection skills honed in daily enrichment period. In our hyper-connected world, we all benefit from the opportunity to press pause. The Enrichment period is unique to Montrose: a daily opportunity for a purposeful pause for students to enrich their minds and/or their souls. Girls can choose each day whether to attend Mass in the Chapel or to read a good-quality book in the Enrichment Reading room. And they have the chance to reflect, recharge and grow in good habits of mind, heart and character.

# 8: Collaboration with parents strengthens character. We believe that parents are their daughter's first and most important educators - and that our faculty and mentors are vital partners in that education. We aim to work with you to support your daughter's growth, so she can become the best version of herself. Learn more about collaboration with parents at Montrose.

#  9: Mentors provide individual coaching. The mentoring program at Montrose goes far beyond traditional academic advising - here, a mentor serves as captain of her mentee's success management team. Every girl meets regularly with her mentor who acts as a coach and guide. Through their conversations, girls learn to reflect, to acquire perspective on life’s ups and downs, to know themselves better and to foster their God-given potential.

#10: Our graduates matriculate and thrive at America's top colleges.
"The academic work in college was easy for me after Montrose," say many of our alumnae. Montrose offers top academics with 17 Advanced Placement classes - plus signature offerings that go beyond AP. Our teachers meet every student where she is and bring out the best in her. And when our alumnae arrive at college, they are prepared not just to survive, but to thrive.