Montrose Players Return In Person with Les Miserables

Fourteen months after the Montrose Players performed Big the Musical on the eve of the Covid shutdown, they brought back in-person theater with a joyful rendition of Les Miserables, school edition. 
The cast and crew knocked it out of the park last Thursday with a powerful showing of the popular Broadway play. Staging a musical during a pandemic presented challenges. To ensure safety, various measures were put into place: Blocking was kept to a minimum so cast members moved about as little as possible, keeping 10 feet of distance between them. Actors kept their masks on for the entire duration of the performance, and the audience was seated further from the action than in pre-pandemic times.

Yet these precautions did nothing to dampen the emotion and beauty of the story, which the cast managed to convey expertly. "I tried to use my eyes a lot since that was the only thing that the audience could see on my face," Katie Hanifin '24 said. Her efforts -- and those of all the Players -- were effective: the audience felt the electricity of the live performance. "Despite being masked and distanced on stage, the cast transported us to 19th century revolutionary France with performances evoking love, duty, sacrifice and hope," audience member Eileen Scanlon P'21 said. "After a lengthy hiatus from live theater, being able to watch this masterpiece in person was a real treat. I applaud the stunning accomplishment by all members of the cast and crew, and the ambitious faculty." 

Each year, the Montrose Players perform three plays, two musicals and one drama. Mavericks are engaged in the development of talents born, made and discovered, as they are called to greatness.