Sisterhood Across the Globe

As a school that calls students to greatness as they engage the world, Montrose prioritizes transformative international experiences. 
To support this priority, Montrose takes advantage of its network of sister schools around the globe, across six continents. "We know that when our girls engage with peers who are immersed in similar character and leadership programs, they learn how to unify diverse groups by fostering civic friendship," explained Ms. White. 
The past school year’s sister school exchanges include a cultural exchange trip with Montrose’s sister school in Dublin, and language immersion experiences in Paris, France; Pamplona, Spain; and Guatemala City, Guatemala.
The School is continuing to build and expand the opportunities for international cultural exchanges, language exchanges and service and study trips. The 2023-2024 school year will feature new opportunities: For the first time, there are options for students in 8th and 9th grade, and Montrose is inaugurating another sister school exchange with The Laurels in London, UK. 

Plans for additional sister school exchanges are under study. Ms. White discussed the possibility of an exchange trip with two recent visitors from sister school The Lagoon School in Lagos, Nigeria. An Australian sister school like Montgrove School in New South Wales could be a future option.
“Now more than ever, our girls need many more friendships in different arenas, to help them be ready to flourish when they graduate,” said Ms. White.