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Character education is about developing the habits of mind, heart and action
that enable a person to flourish and become the best she can be.

An Internationally Recognized Leader in Character Education

Welcome to Montrose School, and thank you for visiting our website. Please join us for a tour or day visit to experience firsthand the intellectual energy, joy and spirit of Montrose School.

It is striking how often university professors and CEOs of global industries point to the gap between what they perceive as the skills secondary schools tend to drill most and the internal strengths young people really need to thrive in college and beyond: intellectual and emotional agility, courage, integrity, self-mastery, creativity and sound judgment.

At Montrose, everything we do is designed to help girls develop these internal strengths, so they become enduring habits. As a result, they can pursue high academic excellence and their personal best within and beyond the classroom. Girls learn to take ownership of their learning and build a life compass, one that positions them to set a vision, chart a course and navigate challenges. Our faculty champion and coach them along the way. They inspire girls to develop greatness of mind, heart, and character.

Greatness of Mind. Montrose alumnae stand out as leaders in every professional field because of their vision, intellectual tenacity, intellectual carefulness, and intellectual energy. Living across the country, in Europe, Asia and South America, they are mothers and engineers, CEOs and authors. They are scientists, film editors and television producers; they are lawyers, medical professionals and educators. Most importantly, they are inspired by a noble purpose and strive to make a contribution to society at large.

Greatness of Heart. At Montrose girls learn that what this world needs is not simply women who are smart, competent and savvy, but women of integrity who put Christian principles into practice, who treat all people with dignity and respect. Here girls come to discover that they are unique, unrepeatable and have enormous dignity as children of God. They come to appreciate God's unconditional love for them. They study theology and philosophy, developing the critical lenses of faith and reason, not one without the other. They are offered an in-depth opportunity to discover who Jesus Christ is, what the Catholic Church teaches and why, all within a context of freedom, inquiry and respect for individual conscience and faith traditions.

Greatness of Character. Girls grow into young women who understand that their choices matter, that who they are matters, and that they are called to shape our changing world. They learn that how they use their freedom matters. These convictions stay with them long after they graduate and help them to navigate our changing world with joy and purpose. 
Warm regards,
Karen E. Bohlin, EdD

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