Affording Montrose

Affording Montrose

At Montrose School, we seek families who are invested in our mission to educate young women leaders who are called to greatness, regardless of their ability to pay tuition. The Montrose School Board of Trustees reviews tuition costs annually.

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  • 55%+

    Families receive tuition assistance or scholarships
  • $1.75M+

    Tuition Assistance Awarded Annually
  • $18,415

    Average Grant

2024 -2025 Tuition

When the Trustees review the overall financial position of the school each year, they seek to balance increasing operating expenses with key priorities that will serve the best interests of our students. These priorities include placing first-rate teachers in our classrooms, attracting top students with tuition assistance and merit scholarships, and maintaining a facility that befits our mission and program. 

The Board of Trustees has voted to set tuition for the 2024-2025 year at $38,500 . This number reflects a commitment to offer a Montrose education at the most affordable level for academically motivated girls and families who embrace our mission. For tuition for international students, contact the Admissions Office.

Tuition Assistance

Families with a variety of incomes may apply for need-based tuition assistance. 

Through the generosity of the parents, alumnae and friends of Montrose School, a tuition assistance program has been established to help families pay for a Montrose education. Last year we provided over $1.75 million in aid to help families. Currently, more than 55% of Montrose families receive tuition assistance.

Additionally, we have added innovative improvements to our tuition process for the 2024-25 school year. Please continue reading for more information.
Tuition assistance applications are due on February 1 for new students (January 5 for returning students).

2024-25 Tuition Innovations

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  • Tailored tuition

    • Families seeking tuition assistance (TA) can complete an application to determine their tailored tuition discount for the next school year.  
    • This tuition discount is guaranteed for the length of the middle school or upper school program, provided that there is no significant change in financial situation. 
    • Example: A family applying for 6th grade applies for TA and is admitted and awarded a 50% tuition discount. They will receive that same 50% tuition discount each year that their daughter is enrolled in middle school, and won’t have to apply again until their daughter is entering 9th grade. (Families will be responsible for the annual tuition increase.)
  • Perpetual enrollment

    • Under perpetual enrollment, families sign one enrollment contract for the length of their child’s enrollment at a school.
    • Families will receive reminders throughout the year regarding the deadlines for applying for tuition assistance (TA) and submitting the tuition deposit. 
    • Perpetual enrollment offers many benefits like reducing paperwork, simplifying the enrollment process and providing better customer service to our families.
  • Clarity financial aid application system

    • Clarity is a user-friendly program used by many area independent schools which offers many benefits for families.
    • Families can complete a TA application in one sitting, in 20-30 minutes or less.
    • No need to scan and upload tax documents; Clarity will pull your verified tax documents directly from the IRS.
    The Clarity application is open now and applications are due February 1.
  • All-in tuition

    • Beginning in 2024-2025, tuition will include fees that are currently billed separately to families, including activity fees, Parent Guild dues and senior fees.
    • Tuition will also include other fees that are currently charged throughout the year such as: club and activity fees*, athletics fees, academic advising and college counseling, college application assistance, field trips (excluding overnights), learning support, student wellness resources and support, yearbooks, technology fees and PSAT testing fees.
      *Minimal exclusions apply
    • Fees not included in tuition cost for the 2024-25 school year are as follows:
      • School Uniforms -  $120-$450 
      • Textbooks - $200-$550. (The higher end of the range is for high school students taking several AP classes.)
      • Bus Fee - $2,250 per year
      • Lunch Program Fee - $8-$12 per lunch
      Please note the Montrose Parents Guild (MPG) runs a used uniform store that greatly reduces the cost of uniforms as well as a textbook swap/sale.

Merit Scholarships

Applicants may qualify for merit scholarships whether or not they qualify for tuition assistance. 

The Admissions Committee will consider every applicant for the available scholarships. There is no separate scholarship application. 
  • Middle School Students: The DeTore Scholarship: A merit scholarship for applicants who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, strong character and capacity for leadership.
  • 9th Grade Students: The Trustee Scholarship: A merit scholarship for applicants entering 9th grade with a strong academic record and who demonstrate personal integrity and intellectual curiosity.
Montrose actively seeks and secures funding for scholarships and tuition assistance from foundations whose leaders believe deeply in our mission: educating young women who are called to greatness and who inspire greatness in others.


List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the tuition assistance application process?

    Montrose School uses a program called Clarity for tuition assistance.
    • The tuition assistance application must be completed online. To complete visit the Clarity website.
    • Your application for tuition assistance will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee at Montrose School with the help of computations from Clarity, along with any supplemental information you provided.
    • Results are reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee and financial offers are then sent to the families as part of their acceptance package and enrollment contract.
    If you have any questions regarding tuition assistance or the application process, please feel free to contact the Admission Office or the Business Office.
  • Q. What is the application deadline for tuition assistance?

    Parents are encouraged to file the application as soon as possible after November 15.
    • The deadline for completing the financial aid application including relevant supplemental documents is January 5 for returning families and February 1 for new families.
    • Tuition assistance awards are contingent upon financial verification by Clarity.
  • Q. Does Montrose offer payment plans?

    The school offers four tuition payment plan options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and single payments. 

    Montrose is moving to a new system for tuition management, Veracross.  More information will be posted as soon as it is available.
  • Q. Why is tuition at Montrose lower than at other area independent schools?

    Tuition at Montrose is lower than at other independent schools because Montrose School is committed to making its distinctive education affordable to as wide a range of families as possible.
  • Q. Whom should I contact with additional questions?

    For questions about tuition assistance, contact Kelly Melley, Director of Admission by phone 508-359-2423 ext 336 or by email.

    For questions about tuition payments, contact the Business Office, by phone at 508-359-2423 ext 340 or by email

What parents are saying

The first time we set foot into Montrose, the sense of community that we were immediately enveloped in was quite unique. We felt like we 'belonged' before we even did. The important focus on mind, heart and character spoke to us and is felt throughout the classes. as well as in the valuable and special Montrose mentor relationship.

-- Jenn R. '25

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