Affording Montrose

Affording Montrose

Sending your daughter to Montrose School is an important investment in her growth and formation. We know this is a big decision. As you consider schools for your daughter, ask yourself these questions:

Who is my daughter today, and who do I want her to be when she graduates high school?
What school has the mission and program to help her develop as a student and as a person?

If you think your daughter would benefit from a Montrose education but you are concerned about the cost, we encourage you to meet with us. We’re here to help find ways to make this transformative education possible for your daughter.

Contact us for a personal financial aid consultation

We would be happy to meet with you even before you begin the application process to Montrose School, to review what you may expect to pay in tuition here. In order for us to prepare for this meeting, please fill out our financial aid application in Clarity.  

Once your application is complete, you can reach out to to schedule your consultation.

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  • 55%+

    Families receive tuition assistance or scholarships
  • $2M+

    Tuition Assistance Awarded Annually
  • $18,415

    Average Grant
Tuition for the 2024-25 academic year is $38,500.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do we apply for financial aid?

    Montrose School uses a program called Clarity for financial aid.

    • Clarity is a user-friendly program used by several area independent schools which offers many benefits for families.
    • Families can complete a financial aid application in one sitting, in 20-30 minutes or less. You won’t need to scan and upload any tax documents; Clarity will pull your verified tax documents directly from the IRS.
    • Your application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee at Montrose School with the help of computations from Clarity, along with any supplemental information you provide.
    • Financial offers are then sent to the families as part of their acceptance package and enrollment contract.
    • Instructions for filling out the application can be found on Clarity’s website
    If you have any questions regarding financial aid or the application process, please feel free to contact the Admission Office or the Business Office.
  • Who qualifies for financial aid?

    We are committed to providing access to a Montrose education to as many families as possible through a robust financial aid program. We welcome families from diverse backgrounds and financial needs. 

    We talk to many families who don’t think they will qualify for financial aid and are worried about affording the full tuition. We find that families with a variety of levels of income are often pleasantly surprised to find that they qualify for financial aid. 

    We encourage you to fill out the Clarity application and sign up for a personal, confidential consultation with us to discuss your individual situation and ways to make this education possible for your daughter.
  • If we apply for financial aid and receive it when our daughter is admitted, is there a chance it will be lowered next year?

    At Montrose we have a Tailored Tuition Program that aims to take the uncertainty and anxiety out of the financial aid process by ensuring that you can rely on our support. 
    • Families seeking financial aid should complete an application to determine their tailored tuition discount.  
    • This tuition discount is guaranteed for the length of the middle school or upper school program, provided that there is no significant change in financial situation. 
    • Example: A family applying for 6th grade applies for financial aid and is admitted and awarded a 50% tuition discount. That family will receive that same 50% tuition discount each year that their daughter is enrolled in middle school, and won’t have to apply again until their daughter is entering 9th grade. 
    Note that while the percentage tuition discount remains the same in the above example, families will still have to pay an increased dollar tuition amount each year due to annual tuition increases necessary to cover our increased costs.
  • Will there be additional costs to attending beyond tuition?

    • Beginning in 2024-2025, tuition will include fees that are currently billed separately to families, including activity fees, Parent Guild dues and senior fees.
    • Tuition will also include other fees that are currently charged throughout the year such as: club and activity fees*, athletics fees, academic advising and college counseling, college application assistance, field trips (excluding overnights), learning support, student wellness resources and support, yearbooks, technology fees and PSAT testing fees. (*Minimal exclusions apply.)
    • Fees not included in tuition cost for the 2024-25 school year are as follows, along with estimated costs:
      • School uniforms - $120-$450 
      • Textbooks - $200-$550. (The higher end of the range is for upper school students taking several AP classes.)
      • Bus fee - $2,250 per year
      • Lunch program fee - $8-$12 per lunch
    • Please note the Montrose Parent Guild (MPG) runs a used uniform store that greatly reduces the cost of uniforms, as well as a textbook swap/sale.
  • If we have more than one daughter, will we be able to afford Montrose for all them?

    • Clarity takes into account how many children you have in schools that charge tuition. Therefore, as your younger daughters apply to Montrose, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly to account for the fact that you have more children in private, independent schools.
    • Because Montrose partners with parents as the first and most important educators of their children, we make every effort to ensure that girls from the same family can join our school community whenever possible.
  • Do we have to fill out a new enrollment contract every year?

    • Under Montrose’s perpetual enrollment system, families sign one enrollment contract for the length of their child’s enrollment at Montrose School. This offers many benefits like reducing paperwork, simplifying the enrollment process and allows us to provide better customer service to our families.
    • Families will receive reminders throughout the year regarding the deadlines for applying for financial aid and submitting the tuition deposit.
  • Does Montrose offer payment plans?

    • The school offers four tuition payment plan options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and single payments. 
    There is a (one time/annual?) $50 fee to enroll in our payment portal, Veracross Pay, which enables families to spread their payments out over the course of the year.
  • Does Montrose offer merit scholarships in addition to financial aid?

    • Applicants may qualify for merit scholarships whether or not they qualify for financial aid.
    • The Admissions Committee will consider every applicant for the available scholarships. There is no separate scholarship application. 
    • Merit scholarships are renewable annually for your daughter’s time at Montrose School as long as she maintains a 3.6 grade point average. These include:
      • The DeTore Scholarship: A merit scholarship for middle school applicants who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, strong character and capacity for leadership.
      • The Trustee Scholarship: A merit scholarship for applicants entering 9th grade with a strong academic record and who demonstrate personal integrity and intellectual curiosity.

Unique to Montrose: Tailored Tuition

Our Tailored Tuition Program takes the uncertainty out of the financial aid process by ensuring that you can rely on our support. 
Your tuition discount is guaranteed for the length of the middle school or upper school program, provided that there is no significant change in financial situation. 

What parents are saying

We are so fortunate that Montose has such a vibrant financial aid program. From Admissions to teachers and mentors to staff and the Business Office, Montrose nurtures the heart, mind and character of our whole family. We are grateful for the assistance that makes it all possible! 

-- Jenn R. '25
An independent school for girls in grades 6-12
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