New Round Trip Bus Routes

Students come to Montrose each day from over 50 communities in the MetroWest area, the South Shore and greater Boston.

Round trip bus options available.

Bus Routes

Montrose offers bus routes each year based on student interest. Two bus routes are available to Montrose students in 2020-2021, as listed below. Please contact Pam Piorkowski in the Business Office if you want your daughter to ride on one of these buses. 

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  • Bus #1: West Roxbury/Needham

    1. West Roxbury
    2. Needham - St. Sebastian's School
    3. Montrose School
    Operated by Montrose School
  • Bus #2: Wellesley/Natick/Sherborn

    1. Wellesley - Fells Market, Weston Road 
    2. Natick - St. Patrick's Church
    3. Sherborn - C&L Frosty parking lot
    4. Montrose School
    Joint venture with Xaverian Brothers High School

Car Pools

Many families find it convenient to car pool to Montrose each day. If you are interested in arranging a car pool, please contact Kelly Melley in the Admissions Office for assistance.