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Resources for Educators

Resources for Educators

LCI supports Montrose teachers by providing in-house professional development -- including a two-day intellectual retreat each March. Montrose faculty and administrators support LCI’s outreach efforts by presenting at conferences, exploring new initiatives, and sharing their expertise with visitors who come to Montrose to learn from us. LCI also works in partnership with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue to provide training and curriculum resources to public and private school educators.

Courageous Dialogue Toolkit

The purpose of the Courageous Dialogue Toolkit: Practical Wisdom for School Leaders is to give school leaders the principles, practices
and scaffolded tools they need to generate light—new understanding and knowledge; energy—dynamic learning and growth; and warmth—interpersonal trust and community.

Click here to check out the Courageous Dialogue Toolkit.

Stress Tests of Character

We all face stress tests of character. In life, challenges are inevitable.

This curriculum resource invites you to explore how you can integrate storytelling in your units and lessons as one tool for helping students develop the strengths they need to meet these challenges.

Check out the Stress Test of Character Curriculum here
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