What Sets Us Apart

A National School of Character: The LifeCompass Advantage

One of the first ten National Schools of Character in the country, Montrose was recently named a National School of Character again - supporting our bold mission of top-notch academics combined with our LifeCompass character and leadership program.

Every aspect of a Montrose experience helps a young woman to build a life compass, one that orients her to pursue the truth (veritas) with her mind, to seek authentic friendships and noble ambition with her heart (caritas), and to direct her whole self toward free and responsible action (libertas).  This compass endures well beyond her years at Montrose equipping her to navigate life with joy and purpose. 

A Portrait of a Montrose Graduate

List of 3 items.

  • Greatness of Mind

    • Intellectual curiosity
    • Ability to problem-solve
    • Passion for learning, a breadth of interests and a clear sense of purpose
    • Resilience and perseverance in the face of difficulty  
    • Practical wisdom and the competence to commit herself to what is noble and worthwhile
  • Greatness of Heart

    • Understands the integral relationship between faith and reason
    • Cultivates a philosophical mind and knows that all work can glorify God
    • Respects the uniqueness of others
    • Is empathetic
    • Seeks to build unity among diverse groups
    • Has a desire to discover her own unique purpose, vocation and contribution to the world
    • Understands the value of a personal relationship with God
  • Greatness of Character

    • A strong self-knowledge
    • An open and loving heart, actively participating in and serving her community
    • Confidence, initiative and courage  
    • A sense of balance and a sense of humor
    • The wisdom to use her freedom responsibly
    • A principled, independent ability to challenge others articulately and respectfully