Foster virtues of mind, heart and character

Our philosophy:

Inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirit of
Opus Dei, Montrose educates the whole person. Veritas, Caritas, Libertas emblazoned across the school’s shield draw the ideals of a Montrose education into focus. We believe in the importance of educating young women in an environment that fosters virtues of mind and character, respects the dignity of all people and teaches that ordinary things can be done extraordinarily well for the love of God. We believe that education is the primary responsibility of parents supported by professional educators. Together, we challenge young women to develop self-knowledge, serve others, strengthen their convictions and use their freedom responsibly.

Discover the Greatness in Everyday Life

What are some of the practical ways we integrate faith and work at Montrose?
  • Engage the world, every academic discipline, and professional field with ambition
  • Work with excellence and purpose to bring joy and peace to those around us
  • Respect freedom, freedom of conscience, and individuals of all faith traditions
  • Practice an ethic of service and responsible stewardship, taking care of the classrooms, common areas, campus and natural wetlands
  • Pray before each class to set an intention and offer work to God
  • Practice solidarity with those in need--locally and globally--through prayer and service
  • Know that we are children of God--unique, unrepeatable and called to greatness
  • Encounter the beauty, richness joy and intellectual tradition of the Catholic faith in theology and throughout the liturgical year
  • Experience the power of the Sacraments as Jesus Christ’s footprints on earth
To discover God's presence in our daily lives--to give our personal best and make our work a gift--is at the heart of Montrose School’s Christian identity.

Pursue the Truth

Our mission:

Montrose educates young women to pursue the truth in all they do. Built upon the foundation of a rich liberal arts curriculum, personal character formation and collaboration with parents, a Montrose education challenges each student to cultivate intellect and character, leadership and service, faith and reason.

-Saint Josemaría Escrivá, The Forge

Any job, no matter how hidden, no matter how insignificant, when offered to the Lord, is charged with the strength of God’s life!