Middle School

Middle schoolers at Montrose get more

Our nationally recognized character & leadership immersion program offers MORE at a critical age for girls learning, uniquely building a solid foundation for future success in high school, college and beyond.

Outstanding Academics | Richer Experiences | Greater Success

MORE opportunities for accelerated learning.

MORE carefully selected core texts that strengthen reading and writing skills.

MORE clubs, sports, activities and performing arts to lead, grow and explore.

MORE attention from those on "Your Team" including a unique partnership with parents and an individualized mentoring program.

The call to greatness begins with building habits of mind, heart and character in classes unique to Montrose offered by faculty who are experts in teaching girls.

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    Becky Roberts 

    Director of Middle School, English Faculty
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    Ellen Baker 

    6th Grade Dean, Religion Faculty
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More in 6th Grade

Character Development
Habits of Mind class: Girls receive in-depth instruction at a critical age to build stronger habits of attentiveness, organization curiosity, and others - laying a stronger foundation for success in high school.

Math 6 & Math 6 Advanced

Literature 6 & Language Arts 6
Sample texts include: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare), The Secret Garden (Burnett)

Integrated Science 6

World History I

The Creed: What do Catholics believe?

Additional Offerings
Art, Chorus, PE, Montrose 101

More in 7th Grade

Character Development
Habits of Heart class: Girls cultivate habits like compassion, hope and gratitude to help them love responsibly in their digital lives and in community with others.

Math 7, Math 7 Advanced, Algebra I

Literature 7 & Language Arts 7
Sample texts include: Little Women (Alcott), Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)

Integrated Science 7

World History II

The Commandments: What is Catholic Life?

Additional Offerings
Art, Chamber Choir, Chorus, PE, Tone Chimes

More in 8th Grade

Character Development
Habits of Character class: Girls develop stronger habits in areas such as courage, resilience and responsibility needed to navigate academic and social challenges.

Algebra 1 (CP or H) & Geometry (H)

English 8
Sample texts include: To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee), Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare)

Middle School Chemistry


The Sacraments: How does the Church help Catholics live?

Additional Offerings
Art, Chamber Choir, Chorus, Latin I, PE, Tone Chimes

Benefits of Montrose Middle School Program

Small classes encourage a high level of rapport between students and teachers. Our faculty know how to tap and channel the intellectual energy and passion of middle school girls.

In 6th to 8th grades, students gradually take ownership of their learning. They grow in self-knowledge, build and value friendships and come to understand their responsibility to each other.

Our middle school curriculum sets girls up for success in our rigorous upper school college preparatory, honors and AP courses, while a wide variety of cocurricular activities allows them to explore and develop interests.

X Block

X (for Exploration) Block:
6th Grade includes Montrose 101, world language, Middle School technology and Habits of Mind.

7th Grade includes Middle School technology, world language and Habits of Heart

8th Grade includes writing, Middle School technology, world language and Habits of Character.

Physical Education

Using a sports-based curriculum, middle school girls are introduced to all the sports offered at Montrose as well as many others. In 6th and 7th grades, they receive instruction specific to each sport, laying the foundation for the pursuit of athletic opportunities in upper school.  Competition in the actual sport increases in 8th grade. 

Chamber Choir

Middle School Chamber Choir provides an opportunity for students to engage in difficult repertoire, accelerated music theory, and meaningful discussion about music. Students in this course are encouraged and prepared to engage in auditions for the selective Junior District Choir. 

Cocurricular Activities

At Montrose, we know that getting involved in student activities and clubs is a part of educating the whole person. Whether they are editing the yearbook, rehearsing on stage or participating in academic competitions, girls learn to work together, sharing their gifts and talents with others.

For examples of student clubs and activities please visit our Clubs & Activities Page.


Latin I serves as a bridge between Language Arts in 6th and 7th grades and the study of a modern foreign language in upper school. Students are introduced to the concept of an inflected language and through the study of Latin grammar and syntax acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of the English language, as well as important analytical and vocabulary-building skills. In addition, students examine the legacy of the Roman Empire by exploring its customs, traditions, daily life, art and architecture, mythology and religion.

Study Abroad

Montrose offers a broad variety of international programs, including cultural exchanges through our international sister school network, language immersion programs, a study abroad seminar in Italy and a service trip in which Montrose students care for children with disabilities. Find out more on our Study Abroad page.
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