Student Life


From the first day of school handshake to the personal tribute to each senior at Commencement, girls enjoy so many favorite traditions at Montrose.

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  • First Day of School

    Every new student (and teacher!) is welcomed with a handshake by every student, faculty and staff member at Montrose.
  • Red and White Teams

    When each girl starts at Montrose, she is assigned to one of two teams, red and white - our school colors. Girls earn points for their in challenges team all year long, with Field Day as the grand finale.
  • Big-Little Sisters

    Big-Little Sisters pair upper school students with middle school girls. The pairs have lots of fun together, including in the annual cookie decorating contest.
  • Halloween

    Everyone on campus dresses up for Halloween, even the teachers… and the competition for the prize for best costume is fierce!
  • Christmas Traditions

    Decorating the cafeteria poles, watching The Grinch together, a Toys for Tots collection and an all-school Secret Santa exchange… it’s easy to see why the Christmas season is a favorite time of year at Montrose.
  • Spirit Days

    Student Government chooses a different costume theme for each day, from dressing as your favorite literary character to decade day. Winners are chosen from middle school, upper school and faculty.
  • DeTore Day

    Named in honor of former Head of School Elizabeth DeTore. It’s always a thrill when Head of School Dr. Bohlin announces the annual DeTore Day. #surprisenoschoolday!
  • Junior Rings

    A beautiful, special day that celebrates the passing of the torch, as the senior class prepares to leave Montrose and juniors receive their class rings and anticipate their responsibilities as the school leaders.
  • Tributes to Seniors

    Head of School Dr. Bohlin has something special to say about each and every graduating senior during the lovely Commencement ceremony.
  • Grandparent Day

    Grandparents and special friends are invited to campus for Mass, lunch and an opportunity to attend classes with their granddaughters.
  • Mother-Daughter Brunch

    A lovely morning out for girls and their mothers and grandmothers.
  • Father-Daughter Bagel Breakfast

    Dads and girls get to school early so dads can enjoy a bagel, some coffee, and special time with their daughters.