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Resources for Parents

Expert resources for parents

For parents inside and outside the Montrose community, LCI hosts a variety of learning opportunities and events, including the LifeCompass Speaker Series at Montrose School, monthly “Coffee and Conversations” to address current parenting challenges, and “Habits of Mind” parenting workshops. In addition, LCI partners with other organizations offering additional resources for parents.

Montrose Podcast

Deborah Farmer Kris on Habits of Mind
What are the Habits of Mind that can help us learn a new skill, build a new habit, or stop procrastinating? Deborah Farmer Kris, Montrose Teacher and LifeCompass Associate Director, sheds light on these topics and more in this episode of Montrose Podcast.

Karen Bohlin on What Girls Need to Lead
Practical Wisdom Group Director and Former Head of Montrose School Dr. Karen Bohlin talks with parents from Montrose and the wider community about how they can help give young women the habits of mind, heart and character that they need to lead. From the importance of making mistakes, and how to overcome them, to the benefit of making one small change, Dr. Bohlin covers the pitfalls and opportunities that lay wait in any given day of parenting. Most of all, she encourages parents and educators to “teach like coaches” in calling girls to greatness.
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