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Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

In addition to the new Montrose podcast and LCI blog, LCI hosts professional development and events for parents inside and outside the Montrose community including the LifeCompass Speaker Series at Montrose School, monthly “Coffee and Conversations” to address current parenting challengings, and “Habits of Mind” parenting workshops.
Read more parenting ideas from Deborah Farmer Kris, LifeCompass Parent Educator.

Resources for Educators

LCI supports Montrose teachers by providing in-house professional development -- including a two-day intellectual retreat each March. Montrose faculty and administrators support LCI’s outreach efforts by presenting at conferences, exploring new initiatives, and sharing their expertise with visitors who come to Montrose to learn from us. LCI also works in partnership with Boston University’s Center for Character and Social Responsibility and the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue to provide training and curriculum resources to public and private school educators.

Professional Development

The following talks and workshops have been delivered at schools, community groups and universities in Boston, New York, Denver, LA, London, Oxford, Pamplona, Rome, Vienna, Tokyo and beyond.

The Power of StoryTelling
Vision & Virtue: Educating Minds & Hearts
Navigating Stress Tests: Practical Wisdom for Parents & Educators
Teaching Habits of Mind that Help Children Thrive
What Girls Need to Lead
The Odyssey of Adolescence
Aristotle for the Modern Educator: Virtue & Practical Wisdom
Why Poetry Matters: Virtue, Vice & Verse
The Schooling of Desire: Literature & the Moral Imagination

Stress Tests of Character

We all face stress tests of character. In life, challenges are inevitable.

This curriculum resource invites you to explore how you can integrate storytelling in your units and lessons as one tool for helping students develop the strengths they need to meet these challenges.

Check out the Stress Test of Character Curriculum here

Montrose Podcast

Deborah Farmer Kris on Habits of Mind
What are the Habits of Mind that can help us learn a new skill, build a new habit, or stop procrastinating? Deborah Farmer Kris, Montrose Teacher and LifeCompass Associate Director, sheds light on these topics and more in this episode of Montrose Podcast.

Karen Bohlin on What Girls Need to Lead
Practical Wisdom Group Director and Former Head of Montrose School Dr. Karen Bohlin talks with parents from Montrose and the wider community about how they can help give young women the habits of mind, heart and character that they need to lead. From the importance of making mistakes, and how to overcome them, to the benefit of making one small change, Dr. Bohlin covers the pitfalls and opportunities that lay wait in any given day of parenting. Most of all, she encourages parents and educators to “teach like coaches” in calling girls to greatness.