Meet a Maverick

Our alumnae are the best examples of the Montrose mission in action. Read, watch or listen now. 

The Most Valuable Thing

Gabby Landry ‘18
Harvard University ‘22 

“At Montrose, I’ve learned how to how to ask questions—and actually listen to the answers—among people from whom I differ.”

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“Write if you get work”

Elizabeth Ling ‘18
Northeastern University ‘22
A tongue-in-cheek goodbye phrase reminds Elizabeth that finding her work is about finding her purpose.

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Respect for all faiths

Kiran Kottapalli ‘18
New York University '22

Coming from a Hindu family, Kiran arrived at Montrose - and met classmates and teachers eager to learn from her.

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Faith and Reason

Theresa Marcucci '23 and Emma Judge '22

School newspaper reporters explain how faith and reason are two sides of the same coin, "tools that a human uses to approach and understand the world". 

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The Truth about Vaping

Sophie Kocho ‘20

A senior shares her research from her summer internship at UMass Medical Center about how vaping affects adolescent health and brain development.

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Injury and Identity

Kasey Corra ‘22

After getting injured, a long distance runner asks herself: Who am I without my sport?

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The Value of a Mentor

Jehanna Peerzada MD ‘86
Pediatrician and hospitalist, Boston Children's Hospital

Being fully present. Being truly engaged. These traits make Montrose students easy to mentor.


Be bold

Samia Kirmani ‘88
Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.

With so many opportunities before them, how to choose what to do after graduation? At Montrose girls learn to be “expert deciders.”

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Say “yes” to opportunity

Nichole Mercier MD ‘94
Managing Director, Office of Technology Management, Washington University in St. Louis
Inspiring greatness in others, Dr. Mercier encourages female scientists to become entrepreneurs and launch companies.

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