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Becky Roberts, English
BA, Bates College
MA, Middlebury College
MA, Character Education, University of Birmingham (UK) 

“In our middle school, we focus on good habits of mind, character and heart, like empathy, compassion and hope, to help the girls develop strong, enduring relationships. At this age, they are ripe for good coaching and open to good conversations; we want to engage them in ways that will help them grow.”

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Dedicated to a Unique Mission

Our faculty are teachers and scholars. They are well read, well traveled, lifelong learners with a wide range of interests. They teach, write and present for audiences outside Montrose School.

Their most important qualification, however, is that they understand and appreciate young women. They remain advisors and mentors to our girls long after they graduate. 

Montrose faculty are...

  • Committed to collaborating with parents to help each student achieve her personal best and discover the joy of learning.
  • Passionate about their subjects, their students and the adventure of learning and teaching.
  • Mentors who create a culture of academic seriousness, intellectual freedom and moral integrity where students can grow in confidence and self-knowledge.
  • Caring adults who notice, take an interest in, and come to love and appreciate each student as an individual.
  • Professional educators who take their own intellectual lives seriously and engage in ongoing study and professional development.

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Montrose School's focus on educating the whole person holds true for its faculty as well.
These teachers have the passion and caring to transform lives.
There is something amazing going on here.
An independent school for girls in grades 6-12
Inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church