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LCI Founder Karen E. Bohlin

In 2017, Dr. Karen E. Bohlin founded the LifeCompass Institute at Montrose School. In 2021, she left Montrose to start the Practical Wisdom Group in Cambridge, Massachusetts and became LCI's director emerita. A recognized thought leader in applied virtue ethics and character education with over three decades of leadership at the secondary and university level, Dr. Bohlin's current work focuses on educating leaders in the practical wisdom and agility they need to shape institutions committed to flourishing.

Senior scholar at Boston University's Center for Character and Social Responsibility and director emerita of BU's Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character, she served as assistant professor of education at BU and then for 18 years as head of Montrose School, where she founded the LifeCompass Institute for Character & Leadership, a lab school community of practice.

A writer, speaker and consultant, Dr. Bohlin is the author and contributing author of several publications including "The Practical Wisdom Framework: A Compass for School Leaders” (Sage 2021); The Courageous Dialogue Toolkit: Practical Wisdom for School Leaders (LCI, 2021); Stress Tests of Character (LCI, 2020); Educando el carácter a través de la literatura" (Didaskalos, 2020)/Teaching Character Education Through Literature: Awakening the Moral Imagination (Routledge 2005); Happiness and Virtue: Beyond East and West: Toward a New Global Responsibility (Tuttle 2012); Citizenship and Higher Education (Routledge, 2005); Great Lives, Vital Lessons (Character Development Group, 2005); Building Character in Schools (Jossey-Bass 1999); and the Building Character in Schools Resource Guide (Jossey-Bass 2001).

Dr. Bohlin continues to engage the public with her work in leadership and practical wisdom. If you would like to be in touch with her directly, please email her.
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