The Power of Peristence

Sheila Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Investments

Sheila Cavanaugh served as a senior vice president for Fidelity Investments. Before joining Fidelity, Ms. Cavanaugh worked in project finance at banks in New York, Japan and Switzerland. She also ran the credit-training program at the Investment Bank of Latvia in the former Soviet Union. Following her career in banking, Ms. Cavanaugh took a sabbatical year to teach English with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at a Vietnamese Refugee Camp in Southeast Asia.
Ms. Cavanaugh holds an MBA from Yale University and a BA from Holy Cross. She is an International Rotary Scholar and an active volunteer in the Bosnian refugee community. She is on the board of St. Francis House and on the advisory boards of Citizen Schools and the Boston Center for Community and Justice.
In her presentation at Montrose, Ms. Cavanaugh shared remarkable stories about her life, her service to others and her triumph over adversity.