Through the Looking Glass

All school musical provokes laughts, thrills and tears with Alice's entrancing adventures,
Three sell-out audiences cheered the Montrose Players in their recent performances of Through the Looking Glass. The show followed the adventures of Alice (Nora Clancy '18) as she traveled from her comfortable home where the family guests included Lewis Carroll (Eileen Brennan '18), through the looking glass into a backwards world peopled with strange and sometimes dangerous characters.

Hilarity often ensued as Alice encountered such characters as the White Knight (Sarah Ling '20), Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Caroline Churney '19 and Emily Rose '18) and Humpty Dumpty (Emily Nelson '20). In other scenes, the malevolent Red Queen (Olivia Hastie '18) terrorized her Red Court and the drowsy Red King (Skylar Miklus '18). At last, with help from the White Queen (Alex Rider '18) and White King (Yvonne Niebuhr '18), Alice found a way to return home. 

The show featured creative costumes, evocative sets and beautiful music throughout. Congratulations to director Mrs. Holly Sullivan and the cast and crew of Through the Looking Glass!