Student Wins History Award

Maevis Fahey '21 is honored by the Massachusetts Historical Society for her paper on Frederick Douglass.
Maevis' winning paper was on the American eugenics movement. She discussed the issues of prejudice and injustice that Douglass clashed against, and how we can approach remnants of the disputes in current times. 

Maevis was honored on Frederick Douglass's bicentennial, as part of Massachusetts History Day. She and the other winners received cash awards and were able to present their projects at the conference, alongside noted Douglass scholars from Harvard, Yale and Wesleyan.

"It was enriching to hear the opinions and ideas of other teenagers who conducted research and formed ideas with their own projects as I had mine," said Maevis. "We learned from each other as well, I am thankful and eager to learn more about our nation with Americans ranging from my own age to historians who have dedicated their lives to this research."

In addition to Maevis, Neha Sunkara '21, Grace Gulbankian '21, Anna Bachiochi '20 and Celia Roberto '20 also received awards for their National History Day projects earlier this year.