Students Win Model UN Honors

Maevis Fahey '21 is named Outstanding Delegate at the Westwood High School's 120-delegate conference.
The Montrose Model United Nations team competed in its final conference of the year. Maevis' award-winning efforts came as she represented Kuwait in the Yemeni Civil War committee. Naomi Jaenicke ‘20 had the role of Bill Gates in a committee on the 2020 presidential election and Leticia Miranda ‘20 represented Phil Angelides in the 2008 financial crisis committee.

This was the third time a Montrose student won top Model UN honors this year. Maevis was named Best Delegate at the Xaverian/Montrose conference in the fall, and Naomi was named Best Delegate at the Duxbury High School conference. 

Model UN team members won additional awards throughout the year:
  • Best Oratory - Maevis (Saint John's Prep)
  • Notable Oratory - Leticia (Duxbury High School)
  • Notable Diplomacy - Caroline Churney '19 (Duxbury High School)
  • Honorable Mention - Maria Lennon '20 (Xaverian/Montrose)
"Each of the team members have become such strong speakers since September, and Mrs. Forsgard has helped us through every step of the way," said Maevis. "The team members agree that we already can’t wait for the fall!"