BioBuilder Team Published in academic journal

The team's article placed in the top five of all submissions chosen for publication in the international peer-reviewed academic journal BioTreks.  
The journal awarded the team four badges for their outstanding achievement in Biosafety and Ethics, Problem Solving, Innovation and Collaboration.

"Not only was the team published in an international scientific journal, a huge accomplishment in itself, they were also recognized for their outstanding work," said faculty member and BioBuilders advisor Heather Osborne. "The four awarded badges placed their paper in the top five of all submissions to BioTreks this year."

BioBuilders captains Donna Phinney ‘21 and Ieva Sereiva ‘21 and team members Charlotte Bai ‘21 and Mythili Batchu ‘21 spent several months researching and drafting their article, “Lithium Battery Renewal: Co-culture using Aspergillus niger and Arthrobacter nicotianae.” Eowyn Young '23 contributed to the research. 

The team submitted original work detailing their research designs, laboratory results, and personal perspectives on synthetic biology and education. They worked with BioTreks editors who are professionals in their field, incorporating feedback from the journal, doing additional research and creating schematics.

BioTreks accepted only 17 submissions worldwide. Fewer than 10 journals in the world accept articles from high school students.