Mavericks Back in Medfield!

The historic school year is underway with new students, new protocols and new traditions.
Head of School Karen Bohlin reminded the students that Montrose Mavericks are uniquely primed to flourish in these challenging times.

"You are the hope of the world," she told them on their first day. "We're here to help you build Maverick strength so you can contribute at a time when our world needs it the most."

Montrose rolled out new traditions like a special introduction game for starting school in the pandemic era. (Watch a quick outtake here.) Students shared their gratitude and excitement to be back to in-person classes, electives, athletics, service clubs and activities.

“I’m new, so everything’s exciting!" said Mia Cahill Farella '27. "I like that the teachers are doing everything outside as much as possible. I appreciate how they’ve put in so much time planning."

"I’m the captain of the soccer team," said Gabriella Bachiochi '21. "While it's frustrating not to have our season, I think that means that as a leader you have to turn around and try to do something about it. It’s so important for the leaders of the school, the seniors, to look for the bright side of things and to follow the safety guidelines well. We’ll all have to figure out what we can do to be creative.”

"We are so privileged to be here together in person," said Dr. Bohlin. "This is a great moment to give thanks for our families, for our classmates, for this school community." She reminded the girls that together, we can thrive this year, using habits of mind that open us to new ideas and learning; habits of heart to appreciate each other with empathy and understanding; and habits of character that allow us to persevere in the face of stress tests like the pandemic.