Sophomore Wins Design Competition

Ruby Yuan '23 takes home the top award for a Chinese jewelry brand's pop-up shop design.
When Ruby Yuan ‘23 saw an online description of an art competition this summer in her home country of China, she took notice. The contest invited students to design a pop-up shop for a storied Chinese jewelry brand. Despite going up against more experienced university art students, Ruby walked away with one of the 12 top prizes. Her winning entry, a projection screen depicting Shanghai’s progression from traditional town to ultra-modern city, reflects her love of art and design. It also demonstrates her ability to work hard and think outside the box, strengths she fortified during her freshman year at Montrose.

Last year, Mrs. Bowman told me to be creative and to learn to draw boldly,” Ruby says, explaining that Mrs. Bowman’s drawing class inspired Ruby to grow and evolve as an artist and a person. The contest motivated Ruby: Though I knew it was something I had never tried before and might be hard, I still wanted to give it a try.” 

Ruby's pop-up shop projection shows a newly married couple looking out onto a constantly evolving Shanghai. Ruby describes her final product this way: “I put newlyweds at the center of this integrated video projection to highlight their beauty and happiness. The video’s movement from old Shanghai to ultramodern city expresses a hope that the couple’s love can be long and happy as time goes by.” 
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