Athletic Writer Engages Looking Glass Staff

Fluto Shinzawa P’24, senior writer for The Athletic, shared journalism tips with Looking Glass reporters in a virtual Q&A last week.
“In interviews, be direct. Be clear. Prioritize verbs. Nouns matter. The more interviews you conduct, the richer the final story.” The list of takeaways from Mr. Shinzawa’s talk is long and full. In addition to sharing best practices, Mr. Shinzawa also told stories about his career and learning experiences he has had along the way.

As a reporter for his high school paper, journalism piqued Mr. Shinzawa’s interest, and he continued writing through college and onto the staff of the Boston Globe. Now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, for the first time, he is conducting most of his interviews remotely and adapting his interview style accordingly. 

Mr. Shinzawa noted that different approaches to writing work for different writers; some like to write a story all at once, while others carefully edit each paragraph as they craft a piece. Either can work well. He advised each Maverick to do what works best for her, all the while developing her own unique voice. 

Read the student take on Mr. Shinzawa’s visit at The Looking Glass, the Montrose student newspaper.