Hope and Joy Abound as School Begins

Favorite Montrose first-day traditions are back this year and better than ever, as students begin school with messages of hope and joy.
On Tuesday, August 31, Montrose students, faculty and staff gathered at 29 North Street to start the school year. The typical first day excitement was heightened by the fact that the whole school was able to honor the traditions that were put on hold last year due to strict Covid protocols.

Addressing the entire community in the Arts and Athletics Center, Head of School Mrs. Katie Elrod inspired Mavericks to be the protagonists in their own story of hope. Relaying a tale of her ancestors, she gleaned these lessons for each one of us: "Hold your head high. You are unique and unrepeatable, called by God to become the best version of yourself not for your sake but for the sake of others. Our world depends on it.

Take a chance and try something new. Like [my great great great grandmother], you should absolutely refuse to be intimidated by anything life throws at you. To paraphrase Franklin D. Roosevelt, courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to move in the face of it. Courage is found in little acts of hope.

Remember that you are not alone. Your family and friends, teachers and mentors, are here to help and support you through challenges and opportunities just as you, too, are to help those in need. Everyone needs hope."

Student Government also addressed the community during the assembly, revealing this year's theme: Joy! In the face of any trial or challenge, the StudGov reps explained, choosing joy will result in a better school -- and personal -- experience. 

After the assembly, returning members of grades 7-12 and the Montrose faculty and staff filed outside along the brook for the traditional Handshake Line welcoming all new community members.  With Covid precautions in mind, the typical handshake was replaced this year with a fist pump, chosen in remembrance of the way departed founding chaplain Fr. Dick Rieman greeted students during his 40 years at Montrose. 

Hospitality, motivation and inspiration kicked off the 2021-22 school year, as Mavericks get ready to learn, grow and write their own stories of hope.