In a Class by Themselves: Theology Series for Adults

With Montrose Chaplain Fr. John Grieco at the whiteboard, leading insightful conversation among guests as they sip wine, this monthly night out on the Montrose campus has seen strong attendance in its first year.
Launched last fall, the Thinking Faith: An Introduction to Theology lecture series for parents offers a unique opportunity for deep discussion into big questions.
The classes, held at 6:30 PM on the fourth Monday of every month, allow parents, alumnae and friends to come together to talk about faith in a casual, interactive atmosphere. Equal parts philosophy and theology, each 45-minute class covers open-ended topics including Why Faith?, The Point of Virtue and The Wonder of Love. While the topics are related, they also stand alone, allowing participants to attend whichever sessions fit into their schedules. 

“St. Anselm aptly defined theology as ‘faith seeking understanding.’ Intellectual reflection on our faith deepens and strengthens it,” Fr. John says. “In these classes, we cover some of the central aspects of Christian Revelation. With a greater understanding of God and ourselves, we’ll become better equipped to love God and others in our daily lives.” 

Teri Higgins, P’27, says, “The class is a great tool in developing a deeper understanding of the ‘why’s’ of the Roman Catholic Faith. It is always good to see and hear from others who are on the same journey.”

Director of Parent Engagement Ellen Baker describes Fr. John as “very approachable,” and the theology series itself as “an inviting space for those who want to deepen their faith,” whatever faith that may be. The goals of the classes are to enrich the Montrose community and to create an opportunity to experience matters of faith. 

According to Jim and Debbie Lyons, P’27, “The series is presented as an introduction to the faith—but also corresponds to the bigger questions about life and our world. Fr. John gives clear answers and practical examples that put abstractions into something that is easy to grasp.” 

Fr. John Grieco has been the Montrose chaplain since 2018. Before becoming a priest, he taught for several years at both the high school and university levels. He holds a PhD in philosophy from Catholic University, where he wrote his dissertation on St. Thomas Aquinas. 

Montrose community members are encouraged to invite a friend, as all are welcome. There is no participation fee. 

Upcoming Dates & Topics
January 24 Jesus & the Gospels
February 28 The Point of Virtue
March 28 The Anchor of Hope
April 25 The Theology of Prayer
May 23 The Wonder of Love

*We ask all attendees to wear a mask while indoors, except when eating or drinking.