College Admission Success in a Historic Year

In another year with unprecedented increases in applications, Montrose seniors celebrate acceptances to a variety of top schools.
"Selective colleges continued to see increasing application numbers, often with percentages in the double digits," reported Mary Foley, Director of College Guidance. "We are grateful that so many of our seniors have received good news from outstanding colleges and universities."

Montrose seniors were admitted to a wide variety of schools including Brown, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, Duke, Georgetown, McGill, William & Mary, UCLA, Northeastern, Fairfield, Holy Cross, WPI, Purdue, Case Western, Villanova, George Washington, and many more. 

"Every aspect of a Montrose education fosters academic excellence coupled with greatness of mind, heart and character," said Head of School Katie Elrod. "We are confident that our seniors will thrive in the colleges they choose to attend. We are proud of their hard work and achievements on every front."

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