Partnering with Parents

Montrose supports parents as the first and most important educators of their children with the signature LifeCompass Speaker Series.
The 2021-2022 Montrose Lifecompass Speaker Series was a robust experience for parents, as experts from a variety of disciplines visited the school to share wisdom. Parents especially welcomed the return to in-person speakers. 

Montrose Head of School Katie Elrod launched the series in November with a talk for parents titled Common Sense Wisdom for Complex Times: How to Help Today’s Teens Flourish. Mrs. Elrod addressed the challenges of raising teens in a fast-changing world and offered helpful tips on how to help teens become competent, courageous and caring. “Katie's ability to present her parenting perspective was so helpful,” one participant raved. “She covered so much excellent material on helping teens flourishing all the while keeping her Irish wit!”

Deborah Farmer Kris, Montrose LifeCompass Parent Educator and contributor to NPR and PBS, addressed parents in February on how The Hidden Power of Awe helps teens flourish, develop courage and compassion, and build strong habits of mind, heart and character. She later gave a second talk on Why Emotional Granularity Matters, inspiring parents to help students name feelings and emotions with precision in order to build character. 

Montrose welcomed former NBA basketball player and renowned speaker Chris Herren in May to present The First Day through the generous sponsorship of the McNeice Foundation. Mr. Herren shared his moving story of addiction and recovery to a spellbound audience of parents and students.

The LifeCompass Speaker Series for parents is free and open to the public.