Thriving in Any Setting

Montrose alumnae prosper at top finance firms thanks to their grounding in our rich liberal arts curriculum.
If you had asked Meagan Albertson ‘16 in high school if she would want to work in finance one day, she would have responded with a quizzical look. “Mrs. Elrod used to tell me that she saw me going into business – but I didn’t see it at the time,” Meagan said. She graduated from Holy Cross as a philosophy and political science major.

Today, Meagan works at Fidelity, focusing on global strategy on the Strategy and Planning team in Fidelity’s workplace investing business. She is one of many Montrose 
alumnae who find that the strong foundation in the humanities that they received here prepared them to flourish in the finance industry. 

“Most of my peers in college couldn’t believe that I had already studied so many classical and modern philosophical texts in high school,” said Meagan. “I realized early on how prepared I was to dive deeper into my philosophy classes at Holy Cross.”

As she began to look for a job after graduation, she discovered Fidelity’s Emerging Leaders program, a rotational program specifically for liberal arts graduates. “I knew it was a perfect fit for me. Montrose laid the foundation for my ability to think, read, write, and speak well, and Holy Cross deepened this foundation. These skills are probably the most transferable, and useful, ones for any job.” 

Meagan added, “You can always learn Excel, but it takes time, practice, and patience to cultivate the mind and heart. Critical thinking and communication skills not only help you learn and grow, but they will also take you far in life as you continually refine them.” 

Gabby Landy ‘18 agrees. After she graduates this spring from Harvard College as a philosophy major with a concentration in education, she will head to D.E. Shaw, a top global investment and technology development firm. She found her way to a hedge fund through their advertisement for a “generalist” internship position, requiring no finance, economic or math background.

“As I went through the application process, I learned more about the Human Capital and Learning and Development teams at D.E.Shaw,” said Gabby. “Both my philosophy major and my education minor positioned me well for a role where I’ll help design the training and internal learning supports for employees at the firm.”
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