Student Research Published

The Montrose BioBuilder team's article was chosen for publication in the international peer-reviewed academic journal BioTreks. 
The BioBuilder team is a student-directed club in which students combine engineering and life science to design, build, and test a biotechnology of their own design.

The team of Cate L. '24, Rosie R. '24, Hana S. '24 and Leslie B. '24 conducted original research on using genetically engineered yeast to detect antibodies on salmonella by producing a color change. They spent several months researching and drafting their article, “Detecting S. Typhi with yeast solution.” Earlier this year, Hana and Leslie presented the team's research at the BioBuilder Final Assembly at LabCentral in Cambridge, MA.

"This is a huge accomplishment," said Lisa Derendorf, Director of Student Engagement. "Not only did the BioBuilder team go through the design/build/test cycle for their original project in synthetic biology, but their article was selected publication in an international scientific journal."

The girls were supported in their research by a practicing bioengineer mentor, Dr. Natalie Kuldell, a professor of biological engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who invited them to the BioBuilder lab to further develop their research and engage in lab work.

"Through their research, the girls developed good habits of intellectual humility, curiosity and respect while having the opportunity to practice and apply their science process skills in the real world," Mrs. Derendorf added.