Montrose Director of Upper School’s scholarly article published

Please join us in congratulating Montrose Director of Upper School, Barbara Whitlock, on the publication of her scholarly article, “Mentorship programs in schools: Bridging the Character Education Gap” in The Journal of Moral Education.
Brava Mrs. Whitlock!

In her abstract Mrs. Whitlock writes, “Amidst trends that emphasize languishing patterns in teen mental health, there is a bright spot: social science research indicates that adolescents who develop relationships with adult mentors demonstrate increased signs of flourishing.”

Mrs. Whitlock isn’t the only one undertaking research at Montrose! In fact, research is at the core of a Montrose education, one that all Upper School students are actively participating in – from 9th and 10th graders tackling National History Day projects, to juniors designing physics experiments, to seniors immersing themselves in research for Capstone, their culminating Montrose signature experience. 

Why does Montrose emphasize the hard skills of research in the upper school, and why does this work matter? Montrose scholars practice the habits of heart, mind and character to serve the common good. And they do this with the spirit of a Maverick -- one who thinks independently and is driven by a courageous and innovative spirit to build bridges in ways that ensure the dignity of each person. 

Tenaciously working through these research projects shows you what real scholarship is about: It’s not about reading textbooks and regurgitating lectures on tests. It’s about making discoveries and learning from others’ research. That process of engaging work with the fullness of our God-given potential reminds us that our work to discover the truth gives glory to God and impacts others.
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