Alumnae Emily Bowman ‘19 shares her work on NASA Mars Sample Return Mission

Students' imaginations reached great heights today when alumnae Emily Bowman ‘19 stopped by to share her experience from “Montrose to Mars” and the NASA Mars Sample Return Mission she works on, as a systems and mechanical engineer at the Goddard Space Flight Center!
Emily’s inspiring story began in 6th grade at Montrose where she excelled in the humanities. The summer before her junior year, a spark struck and she began to pursue engineering with passion. She graduated summa cum laude from Catholic University with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science degree, focusing on aerospace engineering.

Emily inspired us not only with her passion and the complexity of her work, but with her perseverance through challenging courses as well as the uncertainty of funding for NASA missions that changes year to year.

She noted that the habits learned at Montrose have served her well at NASA –  such as fostering human dignity as she communicates between engineering departments and navigates disparate perspectives, as well as habitually choosing humility and the greater good when taking on new challenges.

We are so grateful Emily shared her story with us!
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