Curriculum Night Open House Thursday, November 29

Join us for our Curriculum Night Open House at Montrose School, where girls are called to greatness.  

Greatness of mind, heart and character. A nationally recognized program where graduates are admitted to top colleges and universities. That's what makes a Montrose education unique.

You may pre-register by emailing Admissions@MontroseSchool.org, but walk-ins are always welcome!
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BC Admission Officer

Montrose encourages students not only to think but also reflect, a skill that is absolutely necessary in college. This type of preparation at the high school level is rare.

Jessica (Oliver) Chastek '94, Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, Political Philosophy and American Politics

Montrose provided me with invaluable academic and intellectual skills that allowed me
to flourish and excel in college.  
Having developed these essential skills in high school,
I was able to delve more deeply into complex subjects and achieve greater academic success
in college - which in turn enabled me to earn a full ride to graduate school.